What Is 2uFuture.com – Is 2uFuture.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | December 9, 2018

What Is 2uFuture.com Really All About – Scam Alert!

Curious to know What Is 2uFuture.com? Is 2uFuture com (www.2ufuture.com) fake, scam, dishonest, bad or Is 2uFuture good, real, legit, safe, genuine? This 2uFuture Review will answer that question before you make that purchase. However, if you have already bought something from them, then you can simply file a dispute for those monies. There is a group of scammers on Facebook advertising their online scams to unwary customers. Stealing images online, pretending to sell those products, but then nothing arrives on peoples door steps. Did you receive anything? If you did it was probably not the item you ordered. Report your experience with the site in question in the comments below if they ripped you off – Thank You.

As mentioned, there is a group of scamming advertisers on Facebook pulling in unwary customers. Some sites say that 2 u Future has shut down, I checked, and no they have not (per date of this post) they are still up and running. While I expose online scams of many natures, I often get asked, how to earn money online. This is not for the fainthearted and only for those interested. I recommend you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate that has proven to me to work. Free start up, so you have nothing to lose, and free websites etc. No credit card required to begin. Lets continue with this 2uFuture.com Review.


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What Is 2uFuture.com and Why to Stay Clear.

You know my opinion on What Is 2uFuture.com already, I believe, they are a fraudulent site and you will be lucky to get anything delivered to that door. I am hoping for many reports about their site, good or bad, to help clarify once and for all. We begin our own research by doing some basic background querying on their site and owner. Where we can not locate their real world business address, owner name, contact info etc then that is a sign of an online scam.


2uFuture.com Site

Beware of www.2ufuture.com!


Their site submitted online for registration on the 2018/08/17 and have paid for only 1 year online. That is not a legit sign of an online business, selling top brand names, to stay online and make a go of things. The quick way to get traffic to your offers to mark-down those prices and make sure your site is very professional looking. 

Their real world address submitted is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Arizona, United States. I know that address from past research and know it is used by many scammers online. You can quickly have a look at 2ubest.com review, and there you will see that scam site is using the same business address! How can two separate business entities be using the exact same address?! Clearly, they can’t be and so it is a cover up on their real world address – for which  – there is no need for unless you are being deceptive.

Crucially, no Founder Name can be found anywhere online. That is one of the biggest things about running a fake website – scammers rarely to never real a real name or even any name. To do so would only be to get themselves caught and arrested. And so now we see why the reason they hide so much of how they are.



The Fraud Revealed – Any Of This Happen To You?

As mentioned, we all know there are scammers spending decent money to fast track their sites traffic upwards by advertising on social media sites. These sites could be Facebook, which is a name that keeps cropping up with complaints of people being scammed through, You-Tube etc. Always check for reviews, and where you find complaints abundant on a site, then you should just stay clear of them.

Here is how the site in question may trick cash out of you.

1). You land on their site, presumably from the likes of Facebook, and think they are legit. You make a purchase. Now these scammers have your payment details. Simply contact your bank where they may advise to cancel that card for a new one. 

2). You make a purchase, thinking you are getting the item they are advertising, but you are not. Put in a dispute with your payment provider. You have 180 days with PayPal to dispute any transaction. After that, I guess you can’t.

3). You maybe given tracking info but that could be erased without warning. The whole complaint against their site is that nothing turns up.

4). However, should something turn up, then it is a ‘cinch’ to guess it will not be what you ordered. It could be a replica or cheap knock off. I see one item, that was marked for $300 down to $90! That is far too much of a reduction and only confirmation we are dealing with scammers. I see that kind of pricing on other scam sites and is something that pops out at me.

5). Should something turn up, once again, it could damaged, wrong size, color etc. I don’t recommend you buy from a site that has been labelled a scam by trusted online scam monitoring sites.

6). Watch that your card is not double-charged for your order. It is common practice for fraudulent sites to try to make as many charges to your card as possible before you notice. Contact your bank and put a stop it and ask for charge backs.

7). Your personal data such as name, date of birth, home address, phone number, email, banking details may now be sold onto other fraudulent people online. Simply delete all unknown mails from your inbox. Watch out for ‘smishing’ texts to your cell phone. Be careful of dubious letters turning up on your door step and lastly report them below if you have ordered anything from them – but nothing or wrong order instead appears. You may do so in the comments below this article.










Final Thoughts.

As said, the main complaint is people pay for their order and nothing shows up. This makes a lot of sense when there is a group on Facebook, stealing images of products online, and then adding them to their own websites as legitimate promotions. Once you pay then you run the risk of not receiving any product. But also, look at their reductions! They are too low from where they were originally priced from. That is another clue you are dealing with scammers. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers Section – for good. Unless of course this article gets a ton of positive feed back on their site – all comments are welcome.

That just about concludes What Is 2uFuture.com and I hope it has answered your query. Those still with questions are welcome to ask them below where I will be happy to respond to you. People with information on other fake online scams are welcome to post the FULL URL’s in the comments below. I will look into them once you describe why you believe them to be a fraud. Thank you for stopping by and look forward to your comments to come.



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25 thoughts on “What Is 2uFuture.com – Is 2uFuture.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. marcia jean young-duffina

    ordered a snow shovel back in Nov. got a message it was being shipped but never received. had no idea this was a scam. thought things were legit since it was on facebook.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to read this Marcia and thank you for your report. You can put in for a refund with your payment provider and you are welcome to let us know how that goes. Thanks again Marcia.

  2. Yvonne Davison

    AS others here I ordered products that for a person of my age would be beneficial. Wished I’d been smarter, lesson learned and there won’t be a second time. Now to deal with my credit card company .. another barrier to getting money back!!!

  3. Lori Harkes

    I also ordered the robotic snow shovel, the add was through facebook so i thought it was legit. I paid $300 and have not recieved a thing from them, not even a magnify glass.
    I am very disappointed in facebook for not checking out who advertises on them.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Lori,

      Thank you kindly for your report on 2uFuture and also where you located their add. Seek a refund and I wish you well with that. Thanks again Lori.

  4. joseph k vega

    I ordered a Snow Joe Shovel and received an ice scraper instead. Paid $99.00 for the small windshield ice scraper. The Website was 2UFuture.

  5. Ben

    Ordered all metal 3-d printer for $299, instead got twins true wireless earbuds! When on the label saying carving tool (awsome laser engraver-black). Not happy at all! Emailed them stating wasn’t happy and for my to get the thing I ordered

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Ben,

      Seek a refund! I don’t believe 2uFuture is legit. I am sorry they have messed you around but that is how they make their money. Contact your payment provider for a full refund. Take pics of all of their communications, your purchase receipt, any names – dates – times etc, including your tracking info which could very well be fake.

      I really do hope they refund you and I wish you well in that matter. Also, would be interested to what they decide on your refund either way.

      Thanks Ben for helping to expose yet another fraudulent site – your comment and your time in this matter is greatly appreciated 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.

    2. Pierre

      Moi aussi g commender imprimante 3d snapmeker a 299.$
      G recus un enlarged screen a place

      1. Scam Witness Post author

        Désolé d’entendre cette Pierre. Demander un remboursement de votre fournisseur de paiement. J’adorerais avoir de vos nouvelles sur l’issue de ce conflit si vous en aviez le temps. Merci pour votre rapport d’escroquerie 2uFuture.com. Plus le nombre d’avis négatifs sur ce site est élevé, plus la vérité sur eux peut se répandre rapidement et sauver beaucoup de monde

        Merci encore Pierre et joyeuses fêtes :-). ~ Témoin arnaque.

  6. Dan

    I order a robotic snowplow back in November from a add on Instagram, only received emails back from then with bogus tracking numbers.
    I contacted my cc company and all they have done so far was to say they will investigate this purchase.
    Ya this company 2ufuture is a scam

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Dan,

      I have my fingers crossed that you will get your refund Dan. Would love to hear back from when your cc company makes that decision on whether to refund you or not

  7. Fran

    I did the same thing, ordered the snow shovel. Since November 2018. I have not seen anything as of yet. They have my credit card info also!!!!! Really bad people! I am going to report them here in Canada,

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Fran,

      Yes, definitely report them! You should also contact your bank and probably get that card cancelled and order a new one. Also, seek a refund from your payment provider. Thanks Fran for your comment – it is very much appreciated.

  8. John

    This was my order:
    Order summary
    Total $69.99 USD

    I got a bad plastic icescraper for my car window, useless…
    The add was on Facebook, very unhappy about this non existant gift for xmas.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you John for reporting on these crooked site known as 2UFUTUTE.COM. Seek a refund from your payment provider and submit a report to the bbb.org as well, if you have the time.

  9. Jake

    In November 2018, I ordered a robotic snow shoveler through an ad on Instagram, presuming that the site would monitor the validity of articles advertised.
    That was a bad assumption on my part.
    Instead of the robotics snow shoveler, I received a plastic magnifying glass. The description on the shipper’s label said “Snow Shoveler,“ but the items value was listed at eight dollars , while I paid $189.99. The shipping address was from:
    YAOYE, Rm 155, No. 1 building, No. 10 East Rd. Jiuxianquia, Chaoyang District, Beijing China 100015.
    Phone: 18191560339
    My credit card company list of the transaction is originating from London England.
    Shame on Instagram!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jake,

      I am very angry to hear about this Jake. I will continue to research on these scammers and hope to find many more of their sites – if they have any. This is the kind of report that warrants my very personal and detailed attention. They seem to like magnifying glasses, So I think I will put them under that for a while with their online activities.

      I really am mad to hear about how much they have robbed you off Jake. Please put in a payment dispute with your payment provider to hopefully get a refund.

      Thank you kindly for reporting on the scam behavior of 2UFUTURE.COM – it really will help others avoid that scam site ~ Scam Witness.

  10. Andy

    Yes – this is a complete scam. They sent me a cheap magnifying glass instead of the snow shovel. Their site is back up but when you scroll to the bottom all the phone, email, contact info is bogus. They con the bank by saying, yes, they did ship something. But what they sent is complete crap.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Andy,

      This is the second report of someone trying to order a snow shovel but then getting a magnifying glass. I will continue to keep an eye on these horrible scammers Andy. Put in a dispute over any monies charged to your card for a refund. Thanks again Andy for reporting them here – 🙂 .


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