What Is 2uBest.com – Is 2uBest.com Scam or Legit Online Women’s Store?

By | December 9, 2018

What Is 2uBest.com – The Real Truth About Their Site Exposed!

Been conned by another Facebook ad? What Is 2uBest.com really about? Is 2uBest com (www.2ubest.com) fake, scam, crooked, bad, dishonest or Is 2uBest good, safe, legit, real, genuine, honest? This 2uBest Review is going to answer a few those questions on whether to trust them or not. They are a number of online complaints that is giving me that ‘sinking’ feeling about their site. However, there are also good reports of items having been received. Ultimately, which is greater? I ask you now to please state your opinion in the comments section of this article to let everyone know you experience with 2 U BEST – Thank You.

I know that 2uBest is being promoted on Facebook and so now the intro question makes sense 🙂 . I am suspicious that they are fraudulent. You reports on your experience will help clarify that either way. Before we begin, and for those that are interested in online business and how to earn successfully for life online you maybe interested to know what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. They are helping online newbies all the day to become financially successful online. Many members have quit their day jobs and now solely work for themselves. Free to start without prior experience. Lets continue now with this 2uBest Review.


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What Is 2uBest.com Really About? Get Ready To Dispute Those Charges!

To me, they appear not to be legit. Some customers have been happy with their purchases while others have been very focal complaining and warning others to stay clear of them. What Is 2uBest.com in truth? For me, they are hit or miss regarding any purchases you may make. There are more complaints against them right now then that are for them. It is not uncommon for scam sites to combat negative reports by planting good reports. I have no way if this is what is going on with 2 U BEST.but just know it is common.


2uBest.com Exposed

Be cautious of www.2ubest.com!


To determine fully if we can trust them or not, let us look at some basic website information, that will or should answer if we can begin to trust them. Where information on owners name, where they are physically located, means of contact like an email address and numbers are missing, then we can begin to fret and think about disputing any charges to our cards.

www.2ubest.com was registered 2017/05/31 until same date in 2019. So, scam sites will set up sites for 1 year usually. Not uncommon to register for 2 years and then shut down without warning. Anyways, when they registered that domain name they did not attach any owner name! That is a big let down as there really is no excuse for that. Now, you are in the predicament of doing real monetary business with ‘someone’ that you have no way of knowing if you can trust or not.

Their address is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona. That address has been used by scam sites I have covered in the past and is a glaring red sign to me to stay away from the. Moreover, if you Google their phone number of +1.4806242599 you will see that there is a list of monitoring sites warning about that number. Appears to be connected with scam activity in the past. All bad news so far and typical of scam behavior.

Bottom of their site they have another address of 3030 N. Rocky Point Dr, STE 150A Tampa, Florida. That is not the address they submitted when they first registered their site. Most fake shopping sites come out of China. Anyone get a returns address from that region? Let us know in the comments below if you have time please – thank you 🙂 .

There is now complete identity cover up regarding their site. Where you don’t know whom you are dealing with then you should question that site further before making purchases. Always check for reviews on any site before trusting them. Where complaints far out weight good reports then consider such sites as an online scam. 




The Complaints – The Common Way To Fall Into A Fake Online Shopping Scam.

As mentioned, there reports that people have ordered and received what they ordered. They still had complaints though regarding how long the order took to arrive. Generally, those few reports were very positive indeed. The rest, well, they are worse case scenarios. I will cover those cases below and see and see if your experiences resemble them:-

1). Payment is taken from your account very quickly indeed! Watch your card and to make sure you are not taken advantage of. You have just given your payment details to a site where the addresses are at odds, phone number appears to be linked to other scams online and where you don’t even know the founders name?

2). So just watch out over over payments, recurring charges hiding in scam sites Terms and Conditions. Simply contact your bank etc and file a dispute for a refund if nothing or wrong item turns up.

3). Complaints of no items turning up are common relative to the amount of online reports to date. Here people will have been waiting probably way beyond two months now for their orders. Support probably is ignoring you by now. This does not mean nothing will show up mind you.

4). Item shows up but they are the wrong sizes, color is ‘off’ or just the wrong color. Those are some of the other complaints about their site.

5). VERY LONG WAITING TIME FOR ITEM TO ARRIVE! That is a big one surrounding their delivery service.

6). An order shows up that is completely and utterly NOT what was ordered! Anything is better than nothing I guess, but that is NOT how good and trusted businesses ever operate! Don’t pay for return shipping charges – NOT WHEN ITS THEIR FAULT!

Anyone know what their online reputation score is? That is going to be our next topic covered very briefly.


Online Reputation Revealed.

Scamadviser.com is a useful resource to know the online reputation score of ANY website online. Their only weakness is they don’t always get it right when sites are new. Their site determines every other sites legitimacy by an algorithm. So, it takes time for any site online to gain a good or bad rep and so reports along these lines I have no doubt are signals to determine the score.


Right now, here is the score for 2uBest:-

2uBest.com Reputation Score

courtesy of www.scamadvisor.com!


2 U Best has been online long enough for that score above to hold some merit. For me, that is the final nail in their coffin and NOW I am convinced they are not legit and only a scam site. Even though they have delivered on their items, too many complaints of wrong sizes, items or nothing being delivered. That is too much for a ‘legit’ site to get away and still expect others to think them trustworthy.












Final Thoughts.

Best guess is that they are from China. That would nicely explain why its taking far too long for some people to get their orders. So if you decide to purchase from the, that is your own decision, but beware you could end up paying for nothing or for an inferior item to what was displayed to you. Report them below if they scammed you. For me, they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers Section – where they will stay, unless this article is overwhelmed with positive reports 🙂 .

Do you have any questions regarding What Is 2uBest.com? You are welcome to place your comments, reports, stories, opinions below regarding that website. That is all for now on that matter and I am very much looking forward to all of your comments to come.



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One thought on “What Is 2uBest.com – Is 2uBest.com Scam or Legit Online Women’s Store?

  1. R. Baeran

    I seem to have been to their sight and have a password attached. I don’t remember buying anything & found them from my Google notifications about password updates. I can’t find them now at all by looking up as of 7-1-20 I was going to delete my account with them but I think after reading all the information you collected your right. Some kind of pop up nefarious scam sight. So many out their.


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