What Is ‘2M2H’ – What Does ‘2M2H’ Slang Term Mean? – Quick Definition

By | March 5, 2019

Find Out Here What Is  ‘2M2H’ – ‘2M2H’ Meaning In Text/Social Media Slang Terms.

Looking for a swift meaning on What Is ‘2M2H’? Wondering the ‘2M2H’ Meaning? What does ‘2M2H’ mean? Well, when everything is being ‘acronymized’ I am not surprised! 🙂 . We are going to take a quick look into the meaning of ‘2M2H’ in this very swift article on its definition in today’s social media/text messaging slang riddled world. This article will be informative, not technical, so it will not be too much to handle in terms of learning the meaning of this socially accepted slang term 🙂 🙂 🙂 .


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Discussing ‘2M2H’ acronym.



What Is ‘2M2H’ About – ‘2M2H’ Meaning Clarified.



‘Somethings’ ‘2M2H’ for this guy anyways…


So you are here because someone keeps texting or messaging ‘2M2H’ and so you just need to know what this is. We can just ask the other person but then we do not want to look ‘out of touch’ and so its best do some research before at times. Certainly 2 clues have already been left in our short article so far and so you may have guessed it by now? 


Here Is ‘2M2H’ Defined.




It means no more than this and so I hope you never forget it and are now able to use it proficiently to impress folks, save time and reduce that ever annoying carpel tunnel syndrome that no one ever seems to think about.

Certainly where we see far too many acronyms in our communication it is hard not to think the emotional connection to actually completing a fully spelled out sentence is denying the emotional aspect of our communication for people who are continuously reducing sentences down to only a few letters.

I know I need to stick a comma or 2 in that sentence above, but… ‘2M2H’! YAYAYAYAY – I too have learned something new today and so I have now helped myself speed up my texting by that much more 🙂 .

Well, until someone asks mean what it means, then it just becomes redundant to know it heheh…



What Fun Examples Can We Conjure For ‘2M2H’ Usage?


Don't Hold Your Breath


I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you if you have had some kind of funny story to tell surrounding this acronym. The funniest, and probably the harshest and most likely the most well known response for ‘I love you’ via text or PM, is ‘LOL’. LOL!!!!! WOW, have you a story like that? Feel free to place that in the comments below 🙂 .

Perhaps it is possible to ask someone to come because you need someone to save you from a potentially fatal situation like being stranded in the middle of nowhere, and NOOOOOoooooooo, nothing like ‘burning toast’ or anything like that hehe.

So, and as an example of the usage for ‘2M2H’ in a somewhat comical situation as a response, you can imagine receiving the answer of:-


What could make this worse is, you may not know what that means… please share this article to help for such potential situations.

Or perhaps you get attacked by a pack of lions and you shout out for help, and someone answers back verbally…


And you could be wondering what that means.. and then you wake up! LOL. So we can conjure many uses for this term and certainly, I hope now these unusual examples have helped create imagery in your mind, that has attached the meaning there fully for life and for appropriate use.




Final Thoughts.

I hope that has cleared up any confusion surrounding this slang acronym term in our article on What Is ‘2M2H’. The ‘2H2M’ meaning is now complete and you are welcome to leave us your own stories regarding this slang term, or any other, and we will be happy to engage with you. Thank you for coming by, and before you go, perhaps you would be interested to know What Is ‘Fala Amo’ and What Is ‘DHYB‘? If so, those are similar articles to this one and I hope you enjoy those. Looking forward to your comments below.


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One thought on “What Is ‘2M2H’ – What Does ‘2M2H’ Slang Term Mean? – Quick Definition

  1. Ivan Brozincevic

    What a cool way to use language. That’s why I like English more than my native language. It’s too easy to have fun with it 🙂 I am able to create rhymes on English much faster than on Croatian. My language is too complexed, nothing else. Like language, like people.

    I like this idea of 2M2H. LOL, I’m going to jerk my friends with it when the time is right LOL. I hope they won’t mind. Half of them are Croatians that have a hard time to understand the joke because we have this black and white minds. I can expect either fist in my face or I’ll get a beer for a good crack. It’s like a double edge sword with us.

    Thank you for sharing this info. Keep them coming.


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