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What Is – Is ‘GiftHerShoes’ Scam or Legit Store? Review

Is Safe and Genuine? – Our ‘GiftHerShoes’ Review. is offering over 60% and over 70% discounts on their shoes. How are they earning profits if they are being so generous? We know it takes time for a new business to get established and begin to earn good revenue, and so, this makes their… Read More »

What Is – Is ‘Nokula’ Scam or Legit Fashion E-Store? Review

Is Safe? – Our ‘Nokula’ Review. is running too many discounts on their e-store causing us to suspect ‘Nokula’ as a scam site. We have other reasons to suspect they are not legit and should be avoided. They are a new store and yet their too-good-to-be-true prices are very worrying given the high… Read More »

What Is – Is ‘DiiMall’ Scam or Legit Laptop E-Store? Review

Is DiiMall Genuine and Real? – Our ‘DiiMall’ Review – Beware of is selling an Apple Macbook Pro from $1,999.99 for just $129.99. Do you really need anyone to tell ‘YOU’ ‘DiiMall’ is a scam?! is being used by scam site Actually, that email is being used by multiple fake sites… Read More »

What Is – Is ‘KwoMuo’ Scam or Legit? SCAM ALERT!!

Beware of – Our ‘KwoMuo’ Review. Here you can find out if you can trust, if ‘KuoMuo’ is a scam or if they are legit, in our short review. We see their email of and we have seen that email on so many other sites. Zip-All business transparency without even a founder… Read More »

What Is – Is ‘CryptosHeart’ Scam or Legit? Ponzi Alert?

Is even Legal? – Our ‘CryptosHeart’ Review. Welcome to our Review of who are welcoming new investors to take advantage of their superior investment financial instruments. Your investments will net you big returns as their crypto-algorithym will work on your behave for successful returns. If you believe this then you are well on… Read More »

What Is – Is ‘GoHotBabe’ Scam or Legit Ladies Store?

Is Sincere? – Our ‘GoHotBabe’ Review. is only a few months old but their online trust score is very poor. Is ‘GoHotBabe’ safe and legit or is ‘Go Hot Babe’ scam and dishonest? In our short review we are going to show you why you should not buy anything from that site. We… Read More »

Is ‘Hi-Lo Anniversary $15000 Food Store Voucher’ From Real?

‘Hi-Lo Anniversay $15000 Food Store Voucher’ by Phishing Scam Exposed. Beware of Digicel.Flow also. This is another WhatsApp Message sent to its users of “Hi-Lo Anniversary $15000 Food Store Voucher by coming from website Another Phishing Scam active right now is from Digicel.Flow that is running a scam as well. Beware of these… Read More »

What Is – Is ‘Shoperkhfv TW’ Scam or Legit? 90% OFF??!!!

Beware of – Our ‘Shopkhfv’ Review. is offering up to 90% Discounts on their Nike, Adidas, Adidas Yeezy sneaker products. Of course, you have to know, that is nothing short of insane and completely untrue. ‘Shoperkhv’ is a new site set up solely for the defrauding of unwary customers who believe these too-good-to-be-true… Read More »

What Is – Is ‘Pay2x’ Scam or Legit? Ponzi Scheme Review! Illegal? – Our ‘Pay2x’ Review Warning. is a Ponzi Scheme. ‘Pay2x’ is therefore a scam, illegal, and certainly not legit. This short review is all geared to show you why over 90% of participants will lose their cash. The founder will of course be made wealthier by free cash with false enticements of… Read More » / NikeGears.Pro- Is ‘Keeair’ & ‘NikeGears Pro’ Scam or Legit?

What Is and What Is NikeGears.Pro? – Our ‘Keeair’ and ‘NikeGears Pro’ Review. and NikeGears.Pro are scams being run by a network that use the fraud email address. We see the same phone number and fake business address as well. We are tracking down all sites in this network and compiling a… Read More »