Beware Of The “2019 United States PowerBall Rewards” Lottery Scam!!

By | April 14, 2019

Here Is Your Warning About The “2019 United States PowerBall Rewards” Lottery Scam Via Fraudulent Emails. 

Did you receive an email from stating you have won cash? Do not take any action on The “2019 United States PowerBall Rewards” Lottery Scam. We are strongly suspecting this is a typical advanced fee fraud type of scam. Those that have experiences / information about this recent fraud are welcome to detail it in the comments.




New email lottery scam!




“2019 United States PowerBall Rewards” Lottery Scam Exposed.

Unknown cyber-crooks are mass emailing people saying they have been randomly selected as lucky winners in this “2019 United States PowerBall Rewards” Lottery Scam. These emails are fake and you are heavily advised not to respond to any such emails. 


The sender is 'seemingly' from the 'U. S PowerBall Lottery -

The email states you responded to their 'Tele Broadcast' and so you are now
selected as a winner. They claim you have won $550,000 and they request the
following before they release your earnings:-

Full Name.

Mailing Address.

Mobile Number - the winning mobile number that is.

The email is signed off by a 'Jessica Turner' from the 'United States
PowerBall Rewards'.


What Is The Point Of This Scam?

I have to be honest, I nearly for fell for such a scam years ago. My mobile got a text message stating I had won 1.8 million euros from some random football lottery draw. It was very convincing but I looked it up online. I was all too soon disappointed to know it was fake.

So the point of this scam is to get your personal details to sell on. But, it could be also, they may want your sensitive information so that they might want to commit fraud in your name. 

If you did respond, what was their response back to you?

I would not be surprised if they asked you for a ‘processing fee’ for your winnings. This never makes any sense because they could easily just take those monies from your earnings. 

If you pay once, it is possible they may ask you again stating nonsensical reasons why they did not receive your earnings, or stating additional fee’s. Of course, do not pay anything at all.

If you are unsure about such offers then just contact the actual  lottery organization and ask them yourself. 





Final Thoughts.

We would love to hear from you if you received this email and you are welcome to report about them below in the comments. There is also the Coca Cola Asian Promotion 2019 Lottery Scam to avoid as well. 

That is all on The “2019 United States PowerBall Rewards” Lottery Scam. Looking forward to hearing from you. This scam is going into our List of Internet Scammers.


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