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Nigerian Internet Scammers and Article 419 Explained

Nigerian Internet Scammers Popping Up Everywhere. Nigerian Internet Scammers are so successful at what they do, a special ‘Article’ in Law, had to be made just for these guys!  Lets get straight into what the ‘419’ actually means in relation to Nigerian Scams.   Sourced from with thanks. ‘419‘ simply relates to the actual legal… Read More »

Online Local Post Office Jobs Scams

How To Avoid Online Local Post Office Jobs Scams. Welcome to my investigation and lets see if  local post office jobs could very well be scam artists in disguise.  Online scammers pretend to offer you a permanent job for your local Government or Post Office.  Its clever, fortunately, not one of the most cruelest online scams I have… Read More »


This is How Work in Refund and Recovery Could Make YOU an International Mule.   Hello and welcome to Refund-Recovery Scams. There are many online job scams that entice you to work from home.  This one is no different. On the surface it seems a legit work from opportunity as it seems very simple to… Read More »

Work At Home Assembly Jobs Myth Busted

Are Work At Home Assembly Jobs A Redundant Endeavor.   I looked into work at home assembly jobs and I was, to say the least, not impressed with the compensation for the work they ask of you.  Before you sign up to an offer like this please, read further, then decide. What Kind of Products… Read More »

Beware of Medical Negligence Claims Jobs Online from Home

Researching the Validity of Medical Negligence Jobs Online from Home. Let’s see if online jobs for Medical Negligence Claims  are legit jobs online from home or potential scams!  Please Note:  It is impossible to say all such opportunities like these are scams,however, I am making you aware that they are indeed rampant within this area.  Generic title… Read More »

Are Rebate Processing Jobs Difficult to Earn From

My Take on Rebate Processing Jobs. I am glad you decided to research rebate processing jobs before you signed up to one online !!  You can hardly put in a search term to Google without something popping up within the work from home niche. To my utter amazement these ‘job’ are carelessly littered all over… Read More »

Spot Package Forwarding Reshipping Job Scams

A Package Forwarding Reshipping Job Could Be Helping Criminals. So, you want to know If A Package Forwarding Reshipping Job found on the internet is actually a proper way to earn money?  Working from home reshipping, and or repackaging, is one of the more serious online work from home scams you could ever have the… Read More »

Looking for an Online Data Entry Job

Trying To Find an Online Data Entry Job?  Being fast at typing, I often looked for an online data entry job across the internet but never seemed to find any that looked trust worthy.  I really looked for many hours and pondered why I could not seem to find where they were hiding. We will… Read More »