What Is 1SuperShop.com – Is 1SuperShop.com Scam or Legit? Must Read!

By | January 9, 2019

Short Review On What Is 1SuperShop.com – Your Scam Reports Needed.

Very good job indeed on finding this review on What Is SuperShop.com located at www.1supershop.com. Is 1SuperShop com fake, bad, crooked, scam, dishonest, fraudulent or Is 1SuperShop good, real, safe, legit, genuine, honest? This 1 Super Shop Review is to warn you, not just about ‘Super Shop’, but also about ShopMyBest.com, Poisly.com, Rena1ssance.com, YouthForSome.com, GadJetMart, InnovStylish.com, SuperGoMall, SetComing.com, Morderneo.com, VsTroll.com, InnovGoods.com which are all owned by the same cyber-crooks as the site under question. Please take a moment to report them below this article – thank you.

Social Media, and the net as a whole, is being invaded by so many fake shopping sites coming out of China. Of course, they spring from all parts of the world, but because the level of them out of that region is so high it has now become a point to monitor a sites safety level. It is frequent to suspect many of these dishonest sites have a cheap manufacturing process to make shoddy good, inferior versions of advertised products and ultimately the unwary customer receiving something that is only a few dollars in worth. 

Scammers are forever chasing down everyone’s payment details and so know, if you did try to purchase from the site(s) in question, that info could be at risk from perpetual unauthorized withdrawals. Contact your payment provider and seek a refund plus cancel your card. There is no doubt ‘Super Shop’ is a fraud as I have already exposed a good number of their fraudulent sites.




What Is 1SuperShop.com’s Real Intentions – Items Are Just Too Cheap.

One of the very first things I look for with any online shopping site is their prices. I see theirs are just too low. We already have the answer on What Is 1SuperShop.com and that is they are no good. Many identical sites run by same scammers. Now we are going to be trying to find out the owner and their contact information, plus, where they are from. Where this is covered up then we can say that is deliberate and begin to assert how untrustworthy they are.



Don’t purchase from www.1supershop.com!


  • Their sites registration date is in 2017/10/12 and that is done for 2 years. Most of their sites are only up for 1 year, and still, 2 years is a short amount of time in the online world. When real world businesses set up their operations it is at considerable expense, and so why the same people think 2 years is long enough, is typical of a hit-and-run-site. Scammers like to defraud for this length of time and run away with all the cash. They can shut down at anytime which makes them highly unstable.#
  • Other information now is their real world address, which when they registered their site, only inputted ‘Tokyo, JP‘. That is so obviously bogus and incomplete it is a major scam sign warning. Incomplete addresses, fake addresses and no address is a major cause for worry and further research before considering purchasing from such a site.
  • I seem to be saying this next bit in every article I do, but they have not registered a founder name and no email address either. Also, no phone number. Always Google any information of this nature to see if search engines return bad reports on former sites. Usually, scammers will use the same old information from previous fraudulent sites to make new ones with. It is a pretty bad mistake.
  • The address on their site is 2.27 Romer House, Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE. That is not their real address as it is already being used by countless other online scammers. It is one of the favored addresses to use so cyber-crooks can hide their true identity, but also, when people see the UK address it imbues their site with a sense of trust and legitimacy. This in many occasions leads to sales. They are really from China.
  • Their Phone Number is 1 626 456 6688. That number has other sites, sites these illegal site operators own, on those sites as well. That is clear evidence of a scam network.
  • Email is service.supershop@gmail.com. Has anyone got a response from that email? Many times they will not go through if you try to email such false sites.





Operations of a Fraudulent Shopping Site – Scam Signs.

There are about 100 complaints against the site in question. So many angry comments warning other not to buy from ‘Super Shop’. Even they are angry because they encountered their ad on Facebook. One comment made a lot of sense, and truly hits home the cruel nature of the online world, and that is PayPal gets paid for the transaction, Facebook gets paid advertising fee, the scammer gets paid for a worthless or no product and the customer is the only one that loses their cash!! What are you thoughts on this callus situation?

1). However you got their site then it is possible you made a purchase. It can’t be said too much to contact your payment provider and get a refund. Be sure to cancel your card to stop these malicious individuals from taking too much from your account. They will typically harvest such info, sometimes for years, before selling them on to other fraudulent gangsters online for future attempts.

2). Once payment has been accepted you may see that you did  not get a receipt and they did not take for the taxes on your order. That is fairly common and something to watch out for.

3). Delivery time is about 1-15 days but actually there is 1 report of someone waiting 4 months before realizing they were scammed. Typically 2 months appears to be the true waiting time thereabouts if you get anything that is.

4). Support, when you try to ask when you order is, may say very weird statements like ‘be patient’, ‘time will pass quickly’, ‘be understanding’ and even ask you to ‘sympathize’ with them because your order is being held up by logistics, the weather etc. Any excuse to stall for time.

5). Those lucky enough to receive their order then I imagine it is not what you ordered? Wrong sizes, wrong color, cheap cloth so bad that the stitches are lose etc. Even though you received something for your cash, since that item(s) is not even close to what you paid for it, then you were still scammed. Incredibly, some people will say they were happy and so I believe such comments from planted by the scammers to counter act an ever decreasing online reputation.


Scam Signs.

They have multiple identical sites. The point of having so many sites, is so when one has to be shut down because its reputation is so damaged and so leading to less earnings, they can copy and pastes the source code for a whole new domain name. Often times they will make the error of not removing the former sites name within their new sites content.

Furthermore a whole new domain name gives them a clean slate with Google. Since it takes a while for any site to get a good or bad reputation, they have ample time to con many people, before the online world can be sure. Lucky enough, they do share many scam signs that once you know them will help protect from you dishonest sites. Always look for views, where there are too many scam reports, then play it safe and do not buy from them – especially when you don’t know them or they are new.

Their prices are just to low and how can a company be making any profit when they are taking such a heavy hit on nearly every item.

It is too common for fake sites to steal the images that belong to good and honest websites. They don’t have permission to use those images and so only to trick cash out of you.

There is no identity attached to their site or on their site.

Address is used by potentially 1000’s of other online companies, and so you have to ask yourself, how can so many companies be using the same address and often times the same phone number.

Their About Us section is generic rubbish to give out an impression of content on their site. They are all the same as well and is a major warning sign.

Malicious sites will use word-magic to give the impression they pay for returns. They never do. The price of returns usually exceeds the price of your order and so you are stuck with a useless product. Apply for your refund anyways because you were still deceived.




Do You Have a 1SuperShop.com Scam Report? All Are Invited To Leave Your Reports Below To Help Warn Others – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

They have identical sites conning people on social media and elsewhere online. They will typically not send you out what you paid for. Normally you will overpay for items that may not be fit for purpose and only good for the garbage. They are going into my List of Internet Scammers without hesitation. Please take a few moments to report them below. Many reports will make them close their site sooner, and if so many leave their reports, that may incentivise authorities to chase after them. Thank You.

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That is all we have time here today on What Is 1SuperShop.com. Those with questions are warmly welcome to ask below and I will be happy to further assist 🙂 . Anyone with information on another scam site are welcome to leave that sites URL below with some details on why you think they are not good. Thank you for stopping by, and please also note, there are two free websites below as part of this sites promotions. Simply click the image to claim for free. Thanks again for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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46 thoughts on “What Is 1SuperShop.com – Is 1SuperShop.com Scam or Legit? Must Read!

  1. Jacques Lavoie

    j aim aussi commande r le 11 janvier dernier la fameusde plaque de cuisson 36 pouces pour propane qet apres 8 courriels toujours rien recu et incapable de les rejoindre ca n existe plus!! j attends des nouvelles de ma contestation aupres de mopn emetteur de carte de credit, je me croise les doigts!! vraiment ÉCOEURANT CETTE FACON DE FAIRE !!


    I also ordered January 11th the fameusde cooktop 36 inches propane qet after 8 emails still received nothing and unable to join them there is no more! I wait for news of my protest with my credit card issuer, I cross my fingers !! really GREENING THIS WAY TO FAIR

    1. Scam Witness

      Thank you Jacques for your report. Sorry to hear this and wish you well with your refund. Thanks again Jaques.

  2. bkurtin_bmm@hotmail.com

    Well I guess Im another one . My wife ordered a V8 cordless vacuum for $89.90 and we have not recieved yet. Order was placed in January 2019. we have tried to contact many times but no results. we hope our pay provder can do a refund. Others be aware . ‘ servi.supershop ‘ is a scam.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Bkurtin,

      Sorry to hear this and I wish you well with your refund and do let us know if successful because it helps to give others hope of one as well. Thank you for taking the time to report 1SuperShop to us as a verified scam by users. Much appreciated.

    2. Larry Burke

      Yes, I too was scamed by these punks. Ordered the 36″ flat top grill for $89.90. I should have known this was to good to be true. Facebook should have some sort of responsibillity as they new complaints were coming in and they still allowed them to advertise. Maybe some sort of joint suit!!!!!!!!! Just saying. Will contact my bank soon. WE all need to get the word out.


    : FLAT SHIPPING RATE, E-MAIL RIGHT, PHONE # RIGHT, AND THE ORDER STATUS WAS PROCESSED, I HAVE A CONGRATULATIONS PAYMENT IS SUCCESSFUL, PAYMENT ORDER ID IS 201901021625302149582, my Husband has e-mailed them a half dozen times and all we got back was generic info that said “your order has been processed please wait for the delivery to get there and the first time he tried to contact them was a month after they took their money and we really wanted that grill see I don’t like grilled food but we thought that that grill would be different as it is like the restaurants use

    1. Scam Witness

      Sorry to hear this Brenda and thank you for reporting them to us concerning your experience. Seems you have made reasonable attempts to contact this company and so now you can go straight to a refund application from your payment provider.

    2. Matthew Orvosh

      I also did not get my flat top gas grill from Supershop, and I have been corresponding with them since January. At least I have some consolation that I’m not the only one who fell for this. I will be contacting my bank about this immediately.

  4. William Reed, Jr.

    Thank you for your time into this scam! Yes, I fell for the Blackstone griddle for $89.90 on Facebook also. After recieving my bill, but no griddle, I contacted my Discover card representative and they opened a case and put a hold on me having to pay. I know now that I can call the card company and fill them in on this site and have this charge dropped, I hope!

    1. Scam Witness

      You are welcome William 🙂 and thank you also for your time to place your comment to help alert others about 1SuperShop. It is appreciated. I wish you well on your refund and you are welcome back here to let us know how that goes.

  5. stuart houghton

    hi thanks for the advise i too have been caught in this scam 1 shop need to be taken down hard by the authorities before more people get caught i will be asking my card provider if i can get a refund fingers crossed

  6. Carol Lynn Kennedy

    On January 19, 2019 I ordered a car seat for $99.90. It seemed to be a very reputable website I saw advertised on fb. After this posted on my credit card I was surprised to see an international fee for $2.99 to Cypress. That’s when I figured I was scammed!! Yesterday I received a cord from China. It doesn’t fit my phone or any devise I have. Unfortunately I have not located an email or phone number for them. Should have known it was too good to be true!

    1. Scam Witness

      Sorry to hear this Carol and sounds like you qualify to put in for a refund. Thank you for taking the time to report your experience with 1SuperShop to help alert others. Much appreciated 🙂 .

  7. Nel

    I see that I was scammed also. On January 11 I ordered the 36 INCH OUTDOOR FLAT TOP GAS GRILL GRIDDLE STATION that I saw on Facebook for $89.90 plus shipping $10.00 my card was charged, and the delivery supposed to be in seven days, or my money will be refunded.
    I sent emails to them, but nobody answers.
    I don’t know why Facebook allowed this scams!!!!!!!

    1. Scam Witness

      Thanks Nel for your report on 1SuperShop and how they defrauded you. Everyone is asking the same question and honestly they do seem not to be doing enough to prevent this situation.

    2. James Handy

      I had the same experience on facebook and ordered the same grill and it was charged to my card on Jan. 10th, 2019 and of course I finally checked to find that Supershops is a scam. Changing my card today to prevent any other charges from being added to my card..

  8. Ronda Taylor

    They got me too !!! I was so dumb ordered twice once on 1 14-19 a 99.90 charge for carseat which used my debit card then again on 1 -16-19 for a stand mixer on my papal . Idid relieve a message back that they would send me a refund just to send them a email with order numbers, amounts and reason why wanted a refund but not hold my breath . I can’t believe I did this twice. Should I cancel my cards

  9. Ruben b chavez

    Im order this blackstone bbg, in face book add, never get delivery, im goin to track credit card payment and ask fir reimbursement.

  10. John pelletier

    Ordered a grill on Jan 8,2019 with no grill in site. Know I read that it was a scam . out $90 bucks nice—- was ordered off my depit card so guess there is no way to recoup my loss.

    1. William Reed, Jr.

      Go to your bank and explain the situation on this scam, they will open a case against the”seller” and it might just be possible that you can get your money back. No guarantee here, but I did on a similar issue a couple of years ago! It might take a little time but if you get your money back, then it will be worth the wait. Good luck!

  11. renee miller

    This is a scam I ordered a carseat and received a USB CORD for 89.95 WOW

    1. Pamels

      I also ordered the car seat and hot a USB cable..I phoned my bank last week and got a refund.

  12. Loralee

    I see that I was scammed also. I ordered the carseat/stroller 3-4 weeks ago, did not hear anything about the order/shipment. Now, I read this. How stupid of me…I usually don’t fall for stuff like this…

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Loralee,

      It can happen to anyone Loralee so don’t feel so bad. Just aply for a refund and see if they give you one or not. Thanks for reporting on the scam site called 1SuperShop.com.

    2. Jen

      Don’t feel bad me and my husband fell for it few weeks ago I kept thinking something was off when he told me the price and website and I couldn’t locate the website and the price for said set up elsewhere was 600 plus

  13. Monika Arnett

    I ordered a car seat/stroller from their online store which had been advertised on Facebook. All I received was an email confirmation that my payment was paid. I emailed them 9 days later asking when my order was being shipped. I didn’t get a response. I went to their site, logged in and noticed that I could get a refund if I didn’t get my purchase in 7 days. I wrote and requested a refund. Again, no response. I tried to log in to their site again and was told that the email and password didn’t match. I tried several attempts and assumed that this company was avoiding me. I notified my bank and this company is flagged.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Monika,

      I am glad they are flagged and that will stop any charges going for anyone else’s cash. Nice work Monika 🙂 .

  14. Joseph Duarte

    Purchased this so called product approx. 2 weeks ago. Phone number was disconnected and the email address kicked back my email. This site is totally a scam. Usually pretty good at not falling for things like this, but there it is. Have started the dispute process with my bank and hopefully something gets done about things like this.

  15. jerry thompson

    purchased a flat gas grill for 79.90 never got a confirmation and never received the product says it is in London called no number and emailed and got no delivery.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jerry,

      Thank you kindly for your scam report on 1SuperShop.com! It is appreciated Jerry. You probably should start the refund process with your payment provider as I don’t hold out too much hope that 1SuperShop will come good on their arrangement with you for your cash. Thanks again Jerry. ~ Scam Witness.

  16. Mary

    Was thinking about ordering from 1 super shop.com, but I read the scam notices and didn’t. Thought because it was on Facebook , it would be honest. You have to check everything.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mary,

      Delighted you looked up for reviews first before making any purchases. Nice work and thank you very much for your comment as well.

  17. Arnold Lontajo

    After ordering the grill I saw in Facebook, I googled 1supershop.com if they are legit, which I should’ve done first before paying for it. I found out that it is a scam. Called my CC provider to stop payment and told me to call the seller to cancel my order. I did call but no longer in service. Stupid me I should’ve known the price was too good to be true.

  18. James A Pierson

    Scam sight! Got burned for $100 on a gas griddle(no pun intended). Ad on Facebook. CC company says I can dispute charges, if I don’t receive what I ordered, but not sure if I will get a refund. I researched product, but not the selling site. Stupid me, I know better. The website currently is just SuperShop and I had a hard time finding reviews. Not until I saw the charge on my CC as 1SuperShop did I find all the scam reports.
    Thanks for the research guys it is really helpful. $100 lesson learned and i am not anxiously waiting for my product to arrive. Can instead go ahead and buy it from a legitimate site.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi James,

      You are welcome and I am sorry to hear about your CC not refunding you. I would be levid as well. Thank you very much for reporting 1SuperShop and to others that have reported on them as well 🙂 . Thanks again James ~ Scam Witness.

  19. Vicki Shelfer

    I was scammed by them also for a grill I saw on Facebook. I will be calling my card company this morning. I feel like an idiot for ordering 2

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Vicki,

      They are indeed quite a sophisticated scam. Very hard to tell if they are real or not if you don’t know what to look out for and so please don’t be so harsh on yourself. Many 1000’s a day are scammed online and so it happens. I am sure your payment provider will be understanding and do their best to refund you.

      Thanks Vicki for your comment and I would love to know how it all turns out if you think of it. Thanks again 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.

  20. Adam Roller

    Whilst perusing the supershop website I noticed amazing prices! When I tried to research the company I noticed two different addresses: AND both have the same customer disservice number: 1-626 456 6688 which is disconnected!
    2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE
    Yiwu Hongmao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
    No. 1341, Tongbao Road, Yusanli Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province,

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Adam,

      You definitely looked in all the right places. Thank you for your research into 1SuperShop which is only a scam site.


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