What Is “New Message From +18018488394” – Scam or Legit? Short Review.

By | January 12, 2019

Beware of New Message From +18018488394 – Scam Alert, Report Them Here!

Worried about a New Message From +18018488394? Is +18018488394 fraudulent, crooked, scam, bad, dishonest or Is +180 184 883 94 good, legit, honest, real, safe? This 180 184 883 94 Review is just a quick warning not to respond to any emails or text messages from that number. Have you received an email or text message from them? It is considered to be a Phishing Scam and so you know  now not to have any dealings with that number. Still think it is safe? Below is the research to help you decide for yourself, and also, those that have responded to that number – you definitely read the whole of this short review.

In a nutshell, they will use any method to get you to respond to their phishing attempt via that number. Once you land on their site then you may not notice it is an attempt to get hold of your Microsoft Sharepoint account credentials or your 365 website data. You are advised, for those that did give over that information, to change your passwords right now. I mean all of them! You should have at least 9 passwords, all different, across all of your accounts and devices. Let us find out why that is so important below.

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Scam Warning – Be Warned About “New Message From +18018488394”!

It is of vital importance that not all of your accounts have the same password. Sounds obvious? However, most people have fallen into the lazy trap of having the same password for all of their online life’s social accounts. Should this be case then I hope you don’t have the same password for your bank account, PayPal etc, Online? So that is the whole point of their phishing exercise with this number.


Scam Alert for New Message From +18018488394

Do Not Respond To +18018488394!


But also, maybe you received a text message? Well, that is called Smishing. Variation of Texting and SMS. In the old days scammers would have to send out bulk letters to households to try to trick money out of people. Now cyber-crooks can ‘Smish Attack’ 100’s of 1000’s, or even millions of people, with a simple text message in the one go. Only if a small fraction respond and fall for the scam then it still makes these crooks a lot of cash, given how may people can fall for it in the one go. 


What Is Phishing Anyways?

Phishing is simply when you give your personal info to a website, such as your full name, password etc. Only problem is that such masquerade as your local superstore, banking institute, but may only be a scammers website.

To know a real site from a fake one you need to pay close attention to the URL address. Here, when it is a scammer site, they will have a variation or slight misspelling in it. Their site may look almost identical to the real thing.

Now if it is a fake website concerning your bank, and you handed over your password, please do note that you must contact your bank – or whatever institute the scammers have copied – and alert them to this. But also should you have received an email from your bank asking for your password, or from the IRS etc, please do beware that they would never ask for that info in an email or text message. That is a major-major scam sign.



How The Scam Works.

Text, Emails, Social Media Messaging (PM’s) and really any medium by which they can target you. You will be asked to follow a link for a ‘good reason’ and usually the fear involves some kind of fear of consequence if you do not take action now. This is called cognitive dissonance i.e. emotional upset and is a method skillfully employed by scammers routinely.

Once you follow that link that do keep on an on the left hand corner of your webpage. If it is a scam site then you may notice all kinds of re-directs and maybe even downloads. So that is them trying to install malware and fraudulent apps to steal your personal information.

For this reason it is wise to keep your anti virus up to date and also keep your browsers up to date as well. Old browsers are far too easy to crack as they do not possess the same security as the new versions.

When you are on such sites then as said they will try to convince you to freely hand over personal information. Passwords, full names, addresses of work and home, personal and work email addresses, date of birth, names of people in your household along with all of their personal information. 

What is the point of stealing all of that info?

When the scammers have enough information out of you that is person to you they can do a number of things. They can even sit on that information for years on end (harvesting) until they have compiled a huge list. Such lists are sold on the deep web for relatively big fortunes a go. That is one way they can make money out of their scam.

Another is to use all of that data to get themselves driving licenses, passports, mortgages in your name, making purchases in your name etc. It is very bad to say the least. However, don’t sweat it too much as I am sure your financial institute may notice unusual spending habits and must conclude it is fraud. Just change all of your passwords now.

Can not think of good passwords to secure your accounts online? Click here to Generate Secure Passwords. Get an actual real word paper pad and simply write them all down there. Secure them in your household under lock and key if possible or store them safely without telling the whole world where they are 🙂 .





Do You Have A “New Message From +18018488394″ Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Leave Your Reports Below To Warn Others – Thank You.














Final Thoughts.

That number is just a phishing attempt to get your personal information out of you. Do not fall for it. If you have handed over personal information then change all of your passwords and contact the respective organization that was being mimicked by cyber-crooks. Now that you know they are not good all shares of this post would be appreciated. Those with other Phishing Numbers are welcome to leave those numbers below in the comments. Where valid then they will be exposed to help alert others. Thank You.

Thank you kindly for stopping by and checking out our research on the Phishing Scam Number, that comes to people as, New Message From +18018488394. I hope this article has shed enough light about that number to help you avoid them. Below you will see 2 free websites to claim for everyone by way of saying thank you for stopping by. But also, there are two other reports online warning you about the number in question. You may view those reports by clicking:-




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