What Is 10KHits About – Is 10KHits Scam or Legit Traffic Exchange Site?

By | September 21, 2018

What Is 10KHits About, are they Good for Your Website and Do They Work? 

Some time ago I used the Free Version to answer What Is 10KHits About (www.10khits.com). Those asking Is 10KHits fake, scam, dishonest, worth it or maybe asking Is 10KHits.com genuine, legit, good and offers a real and worthwhile service that actually benefits your site. They are a traffic exchange website that rates themselves as No 1 online. However, there are a few things to consider that might put you off using their site. First off, let us look to answer if they are real and safe first in this 10KHits Review!

While my results were OK I do know there are better traffic exchange sites online. The site I ran this test on no longer exists so I can’t show you the data. However, I soon stopped using 10KHits because I was dubious on a few things. Those thinking about starting their own website, but don’t know where to start, may want to check out How to Get Started Online and for Free! You will find out how my personal #1 Choice called Wealthy Affiliate can help anyone to earn a full time income online without prior experience or training, and they are currently giving away two free websites, which you can get HERE without cc details. Let us now continue with this 10KHits Review.




What Is 10KHits About and Should You Really be using a Traffic Exchange Site with Traffic that Bounces?!

That there above is my primary concern and is not good for your site. We will get into that shortly. Those that want to know What Is 10KHits About have done very well to Google it first as they are some pro’s and con’s to consider. Firs of all, lets do a check on owner details etc to establish legitimacy.

Their site was created 02/01/2011 and they registered up until same date 2019 – I am sure they will update their registration when it comes up for renewal as they are a popular site with nearly half a million people having used their service.

Their address is registered to their website as 96 Mowat Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4K 3K1, CA. The Found Name is NOT listed when they registered their site. After searching some more I still was unable to locate a founder. That is usually important when determining if a site is legit or not as it is an indicator that a site is or will turn to scam and run off with all the proceeds. I can’t hardly say that about 10KHits as I believe they are genuine.

So, that is the lot on their identity. Their service is to provide your website with free website traffic. Let us take a quick look at their features and how you can work up your own free website traffic visitors.



Free Website Traffic – How It Works.

You sign up for free. Surf when websites and then you earn 100 points to exchange for your own website traffic.

Within the Free Account Version you are allowed 3 free website slot spaces. When you have added your website URL(s) you may set the following presets:-

How long someone is to stay on your site.

Set the limit of the hits you want for you site.

Enable Geo-Targeting i.e. which country you want to target. This is only for the Pro and Business Plans only.

Pick your Traffic Sources. Again, this is only for the Business and Pro Plans.

Should you require more websites to be added to their network then you can upgrade to their plans, which we will cover soon.



Surfing for Traffic Points.

There is a 10KHits Traffic Exchange Application that works is meant to work for all browsers and all operating systems. The free account version will earn you 80% traffic points for every ten second visit you do. That is 0.8 points per visit. Those that go Pro will earn 1.2 points per ten second visit and Business Plans will earn 2.0 points per ten second visit. 

There are Booster Packs available so you may buy these points which seems is the same as buying website traffic.

Once you have gone through all of the above you are to chill and watch your site get hits. So long as your campaigns are ‘active’ in their networks system then it is automated free website traffic. This is good news, however, there are some flaws with this idea at 10KHits. That will soon be covered. Obviously, the more Traffic Points you have the more traffic you can get to your own website.

Referring Others to their website will net the free account holders will earn 5% commission points. Pro and Business Accounts will earn 10% commission points and 15% commission points respectively. This is a good way to earn some free points to increase free website visitors.

That concludes on how you get the free traffic to your site part of this article. Below is my concerns in the pro’s and con’s and why I don’t think they are the best site for the service they provide. As said, there are better ones out there.



Pro’s and Con’s.


  1. Free to sign up with an email address and username. 
  2. Easy download Traffic Exchange Application designed for all operating systems.
  3. Opportunity to work up free website visitors.
  4. When you have enough Traffic Points you can sit back and watch all that free traffic come to your site.
  5. Offers relevant traffic in their Pro Plan at $10 and Business Plans $29 per month. Business Plans only for Geo-Targeting.



  1. Takes some time to work up a lot of traffic for your own site. Some of these sites I went to were more than 10 seconds long. This time can add up and actually you could spend the whole day doing this!
  2. Free Account Accounts do not have the same traffic priority as the Pro and Business Plans. This has the effect that people could very well be clicking on your site that simply could not care less about your content. That is BAD TARGETING!
  3. Due to the above reason, your site could suffer a disastrously HIGH BOUNCE RATE!!! Not good and something every website owner fears greatly. ‘Bounce Rate’ is when a website visitor comes to your site, has a look, and leaves. You want visitors to come to your site and engage properly. The higher the Bounce Rate the less Google will like your site. You are better off going Pro or Business Plans if you don’t want this to happen to your website.
  4. Visitors may also be ‘User Agents‘. Per wikipedia.org, a ‘User Agent’ is a software agent that is acting on behalf of a user. This means, in lay mans terms, you may not be getting real folks coming to your site. So, you spend your time to work up free traffic just to have – what? – ‘BOTS‘ to come to your site. Those looking to convert their sites work to sales will/may not benefit in this regard from their free account. Its not much to upgrade and so I’d advise that if you are serious to make sales with 10KHits.
  5. On the free plan, your sites visits from 10K Hits may just be the bulk of people clicking to get free traffic points for themselves. This for me is a waste of time. What do you think? Do you think getting traffic from an audience that is not interested in your content is worth it? Obviously, that can’t be said for everyone that visits your site on this plan.
  6. There are better traffic exchange sites online that will give priority to free accounts, not just paying accounts.
  7. Low quality traffic on free account.
  8. Low conversions on free account.
  9. Low interactions from your audience on the free account. Those last three are my biggest fears in my opinion on using this service for my own site.
  10. Some reports of the Traffic Exchange Application not compatible with some Operating Systems.
  11. What has your experience been




Is There A Way to Get Free Traffic To Your Website Without Traffic Exchange Sites?

Clearly, those working on the 10KHits site are doing so in the hopeful attempt to get free traffic to their site. The good news is that you will succeed! That has already been covered. What I want to talk about now is how to get free traffic to your own site that is interested in ‘your’ content

The more interested an audience is in your content then the more chances you have to convert for website sales. While it is great to be able to make a website that informs there simply has to be ‘some’ intent on ‘some’ level of pay for time and efforts.


But, how do we target those people that are looking for the kind of content that only you can offer them?

This is now what we shall be discussing. Those that don’t want to sit all day clicking to view other peoples websites, just to get some traffic to their own, this part is for you!

I am going to assume you already have a website? For those that have – Great! For those that do not, but were simply wondering how to get traffic to a potential future site of yours, you may want to get your Two Free Websites Right HERE – you are going to need these if you want to make a full time income online.


2 Free Websites Giveaway!

Click to Begin for 2 Free Websites – No cc details required to start.


What I am about to tell you is the road out of working on traffic exchange sites forever! You will no longer have to sit and wade through countless numbers of other websites, you simply don’t have an interest in, just to rack up some traffic for your own website

There are better ways and we achieve this through the Best Practices of SEO!

Search Engine Optimization is the Key to Landing Page 1 of Google time and time again. Page 2 is OK but Page 1 almost certainly guarantees constant free traffic to your site, and sometimes, for life.


However, how do website owners know EXACTLY what people online are looking for?


Great Question! ( 🙂 ) .

You see, if you are adding content to your site but still you have no visits or little visits, its probable you are not landing page 1 of Google. This is not that uncommon as over 90% of websites will never earn a penny online. Why? Only because the website owners are not trained. There is no other reason. 

You need something called a Keyword Tool. You see, a ‘Keyword’ is only a word or phrase that people enter into search engines like Google to find content. ‘Keyword Tools’ are software’s that have such information for you to view. Now, you have the data to see what people are looking for. This is obviously great news, but – where do you get a Keyword Tool from that is Free to Use?!

Introducing JaxxyThe Worlds Most Powerful Keyword Tool!

Below you may enter into the Jaxxy Keyword Tool 30 Free Searches. However, to use the full features of Jaxxy you will have to upgrade. WAIT! YOU SAID FREE!! Don’t worry, there is a way to use Jaxxy Keyword Tool and there is one for free called Jaxxy Lite.

You may find that Tool inside my #1 Choice called Wealthy Affiliate. Those that never heard of that platform before can read about them HERE.

OK! I have said enough on this amazing tool – a tool I use every day for unlimited keywords in the Jaxxy Lite Version inside Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Starter Account.


Go ahead, give it ago as it is free to do so!

Having access to a keyword tool will allow you access to page 1. It is that simple! Of course, you have to create content and work hard at it, but all serious website owners definitely need a keyword tool that will help get them Free Traffic to their Website! Otherwise, you are wasting your time and may never earn a cent online.



Final Thoughts.

I hope that has answered your questions. 10KHits can get you free traffic on the free version account but the results may not be very good and may not even be worth your time. I did not upgrade to Pro or the Business Plan as I already get many thousands of people coming to my site a month without spending any money for traffic. They are a legit and honest site and I wish you well if you only wanted to know ifyou could trust them. So, yes, you can trust them and hope it works out for you.

That concludes this article on What Is 10KHits About and hope it has been of use for you in your own research. The Keyword Tool mentioned above is a key component for any serious website entrepreneur and it can’t be over stated that you do need a tool like that. Those venturing without one, may already be trained to analyze SERP’s manually. However, even such people still know to use such tools. Those that have any questions regarding online business or on how to get free traffic may ask me below. Thank you all for stopping by and I am very much looking forward to all  of your comments to come.

#1 Recommendation

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  1. Karen Tamrazyan

    Your understanding of User Agents is wrong. These are not BOTS but a property of each web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome or Opera), which declares the type of the browser being used and some of its characteristics (mobile browser or device type). So, there is nothing wrong with User Agents.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Karen,

      OK, thank you Karen for your take on User Agents. I will look more into this for greater clarity – it is much appreciated as well 🙂 .


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