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Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Welcome to Getting Started Online Fast with you own online venture invite.  Success Begins – NOW!!!  Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life – how true is this for you?




Hello my name is Philip and I would like to ask you a few questions:




  1. Are you sick and tired of spending hours trawling the Internet for real online opportunities to help you earn money from home?
  2. Would you like to turn a real passion of yours into a full time online business to a point you can actually quit your day job?
  3. Would it not be nice to have a business that you grow and love that earns you money whilst you rest and play?


I would imagine the answer to all of the above questions was YES!


Who doesn’t want to be their own boss and earn a solid and reliable income from something one knows the most about.  It’s A No Brainer!!!


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Are You Frustrated Working Hard Online For So Little Sales – or – Zero Sales?!!


Or doing your absolute best in your day job for your family and yourself, AND STILL, somehow you are being haunted by the same old money troubles?



Its very frustrating and extremely easy to become completely dazed, confused and even  discouraged due to the high volumes of ‘genuine’ affiliate programs out there online.

Most of these entrepreneurial work at home programs involves an immediate and overly excitable demonstration of flash cars and flash quick talking speakers.  I don’t like that and I don’t trust it!!!  

Or, and my favorite pet hate, is when your asked for an immediate SIGN UP FEE!!


You Can Trust Me Evil Clown Face with Animal Eyes

Personally, I have never paid a Sign Up Fee, Before A Test Drive, AND been SUCCESSFUL!


Thinking man image.

Would you honestly buy a car before test driving it?


Buy a house based on a picture?


Would you go suck on a lemon if someone said it tasted like raspberries?Bad Affiliate Programs.


Of Course You Wouldn’t!!


So why pay anything before you try out an online affiliate work from home job?




 What is it that is Stopping YOU from Achieving Financial Success Online Right Now?

What financial online success looks like.

  • Is it perhaps you don’t have a lot of spare cash to sign up with anyone? (This was me).
  • Not enough training to do so?  (This was me).
  • Don’t know where to begin?  (This was me).
  • Don’t have a product/niche to begin with?  (This was me).
  • Have failed too many times before and are scared of trying again? (This was me).


Or, which is boundlessly common, have failed too many times before due to being SCAMMED!

I Knew the Last One Well, we were old friends –😬😡 .

Be honest and let me know in the comments section as I KNOW I Can Help You Over Come It!


Whatever The Reason We Have A Solution That WILL Work For Your Home Based Business!

Free $0 Start Up!


 The Four Parts To A Successful Online Business.


There are three fundamental, primary, elemental parts to building any successful online business. Miss anyone of them, and I don’t care if your Richard Branson, success is not assured and may well lead to failure all too soon from the starter blocks.



People Have All The Help They Need To Succeed.

24/7 Help and Support for Wealthy Affiliate Members

1.3 Million Members Waiting to Help You Succeed Online!


Those whom venture into the affiliate marketing world and actually become successful to a point where its their full time job have, a very useful thing, its called HELP!  Being caught and stagnated in confusion is horrible and receiving help whenever it is needed, isn’t only brilliant and reassuring, it’s also necessary.


Part 2.

Successful Online Marketers Possess Their Own Website.


2 Free Websites Giveaway!

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Individuals venturing into any home established online business, who are successful, know to have their very own website. That sounds too obvious to even mention right?  So many marketers jump round all the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter etc posting tons of products leading to little to no sales.  You Need To Drive Traffic To YOUR OWN Website for Higher Sales Conversions.



If you are concerned that you may be one of those individuals who does not currently own a website, I want to say to you right now, it is not only possible for you to own a website – you can own two websites with Site Rubix right now. That is my first offer to you to help allay any worry you may have and to show you I am serious in helping you be successful online.


Part 3.

A Successful Online Home Business Learns To Earn.


Freelance Your Way To Financial Success

Freelance Your Way To Being Your Own Boss and Financial Freedom.



Part 4.


Become a Well Paid Online Entrepreneur

This is the Essence of a Real Online Entrepreneur – Anyone can do it!




To build and keep going a successful online home business one must first learn to earn.

At Any Given Moment  Their Are 3.57 BILLION People Online All Looking For Something!!

Yes, BILLION!  Just in case  you thought that a typo.  At any moment in time their are about 3.57 billion people online looking for something…is it me or is that a really powerful number of people you and I could market to?

And in order to do so one must have all the information and training necessary to be successful in the online marketing world.  I believe this to be utterly true but it does beg the question, where in God’s name am I going to get a TON of money to get trained.  Not just to get trained but trained from novice to expert level?



Want to see how easy it is to get started right now…..



Getting Your Home Business Started Online for $0.


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What about the Free Training Mentioned Earlier?


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(no hidden charges or nasty up-sales).

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If you still need a further break down of Wealthy Affiliate please click here

Scam Witness Investigates Wealthy Affiliate 2018.


If you have any questions about signing up, or about anything you have read here, please leave me a comment in the comments section.  I look forward helping you achieve success on online.




Free Starter Membership Explained

Click and you go straight inside Wealthy Affiliate for your free training – Phase 1 only!


6 thoughts on “Get Started Online – Free Start Up!

  1. Danielle

    The idea of having a six figure income through a genuine platform that offers guidance and support is an exciting one to me!

    Just the certainty of having the result I want is extremely reassuring.

    With some programs you get promises of making money but loads of doubt of ever achieving the success are ever present.

    To start and work hard knowing the goal is definitely achievable is encouraging.

    Besides, starting for free with all those benefits tops it all!

    What a brilliant and exciting program Wealthy Affiliate is. To have one’s hand held, not by one member but the whole community till one finds their feet, is a huge bonus.

    Everyone is scared of the unknown and getting to a community full of prosperous members can be daunting in life, especially if you are a beginner, but getting to a warm and welcoming community that immediately makes you feel at home is so unique and inspiring.

    No one ever said we should walk it alone. The loneliness of the pathway to success, be it walking the path of entrepreneurship, networking with others or just being with like minded people who make the path more fun and progressive can be hard to find.

    Your article says we don’t have to worry about all this, that the best pathway is available at wealthy affiliate, even for free. This is just amazing.

    Thank you Philip for bringing this to those who are searching for a good opportunity. This is an amazing offer and an opportunity of a lifetime. The chances of growth and success are tremendous!

    Waking up every morning and looking forward to one’s working day is such a blessing, far from the stress of the 9 to 5 rat race.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the place where to begin!

    Thank you Philip.


    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Thank so much for a such a lovely, generous and insightful comment. I might just stick your whole comment in my post above as an excellent way to look at working from home opportunities like Wealthy Affiliate.

      You are welcome to comment here anytime Danielle and I want to thank you again.

      – Philip.

  2. Simon

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate over a year ago now. My reasons for joining were promises of a genuine ‘try before you buy’ package. As they only required your name and email address without bank details, I thought I’d come inside and check their platform out.
    Impressed me, how much detailed free training they provide. You can build your free website and publish content meantime get a thorough insight into what an affiliate marketing business entails along with how legitimate Wealthy Affiliate is.
    The reason I joined premium was that you can cancel at any time plus there are no offputting upsells, this was a surprise.
    The only thing you have to be aware of is there are no overnight fortunes, it takes time to attract visitors on the web in order to make conversions, there’s no quick way around this however you are taught exactly how to achieve.
    I’m currently a third of my way through the training, implementing what’s shown meanwhile I am earning as I’m learning, nothing outstanding but my business is nicely expanding.
    Help, support & training is outstanding meanwhile the community all help each other succeed. The platform is very cleverly designed.
    How long have you been a member? All the best,

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Simon,

      Thank you very much for your review of the opportunity you seized with Wealthy Affiliate. I am glad to hear you are progressing in your training and you business is experiencing expansion. This, of course, will only lead to more free traffic and more conversions. I do wish you well and I am here anytime should you find yourself stuck anywhere along the way.

      Great to hear from you Simon.

      – Philip.

  3. Terry Ladouceur

    Thanks for all the great info on the Wealthy Affiliate program. Your side by side comparison of the two different options was very informative.

    I was not aware you could continue on as a free member after the 7 day trial and still have access to a number of useful resources.

    Thanks again for the info and have a great day.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Terry,

      Yes, you must definitely can continue once the 7 Day Premium Trial expires. But, you will lose access to#:-

      1). Live Chat.
      2). Member Commenting.
      3). Private Messaging.
      4). The Help and Expert Advice from your own Referrer.

      Those components are absolute key in your own propulsion going forward. Missing these elements will cost anyone serious time, and ultimately, the $19 to continue – is nothing. Even $49 a month, if you break it down, is only pennies a day! So, it makes complete sense to make little investment, that is recouped in no time, where all else is profit.

      You got to do all the hard work, but, you get to keep all the profits! The beauty of working for yourself online is now ever so apparent in this light.

      – Philip.


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